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You are interested in a flag with a special motive which is not to purchase in the conventional flag trade. But we offer flags in individual production with such rarefied motives.

Please pay attention to the following sides and use the form. With it you can send a inquiry. Following the inquiry we will calculate your costs incl. design, print and shipment and you will get an offer.

The flags are produced in Germany and come up with chemical and digital porous-printing, the print penetrates the bunting and all depictions appear side-inverted on the other side of the flag. The printing is made in four colours Euroscale (CMYK). The colours are light-genuine, colour-genuine, waterproof and dirt unfriendly.

The standard bunting is glossy flag-polyester with a weight of 110 g/mē. This means that one square meter of buntig weights 110 gram. The flag gets lined all around with a double safety stitch.

For higher loads, for example use on the high seas, there is a more robust naval flag bunting from spun-polyester, having a basis weight of 155 g/mē.

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